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Camp Management Software
Let us give you the tools to manage your camp more smoothly than you ever thought possible!!
Our camp software is web based. You don’t need to maintain a server. Yet, it is easy to share the workload. When you are away from camp you can work from your laptop, stay in touch, see the signup lists, view payments received etc.
Features of Our Software
  • Camper families go to your camp's website to register.
  • Our software lets you define the registration questions for each of your camps.
  • You define the text fields, check boxes and dropdown lists for your registration forms.
  • You can choose to allow camper families to give a deposit rather than full payment at registration time.
  • Your campers' PayPal payments get posted in your database automatically by our software.
Web-Base Software Advantages
  • Our web-base software lets several staff members access your camp data simultaneously.
  • You don’t need to maintain a server at your camp.
  • You can view and work with your camp data when you away from the camp.
  • Even when you are remote from the camp you still login and see details of registration and payments.
Learn More... View our sample pages
To the left are the links that will let you view many of the pages that make up our Camp Management Software. These pages are exactly what you would use for camp management. The only difference is that we have disabled the submit buttons to keep the sample data from being changed.
Enable popups for Congregation Builder to allow our mouse-over help buttons to work for you.
The Next Step 
The next step is to contact us by email or phone and tell us what your needs are and ask us questions about what our software can do. Tell us if your camp runs year-round; how many cabins and bunks you have; how many different camps/events you host and the details of the online registration forms that you need. Together we can determine if our software can meet your needs. (415)963-4356 ext.1 or
Start a 30 day trial   
If you are the adventurous type you can start a 30 trial. You can define a simple registration form for your camp and use it to do some trial registrations, view the Attendees List etc. Warning: Our registration form definitions are very flexible and you will probably need some support to get them to do all the things you want out of a registration form.

     For more information use the “Getting Started Help” link that is found in the Left Nav Bar.

church management  church calendar camp software
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