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  Multi-Purpose Church Calendar
Things You'll Like About Our Church Calendar
  • It embeds easily in your website.
  • Users can click on event names to view event descriptions.
  • Users can print the calendar in beautiful high resolution
  • Your calendar admin will like our recurring events and consecutive day events features.
  • It's easy for your admin to skip a day in a recurring or consecutive day event.
  • Your calendar admin will also like our many mouse-over pop-ups with helpful information.
  • Very flexible printing options: one page, or double facing pages or 14 days to a page.
  • Best of all, it lets your Admin maintain room reservations and rentals.
Learn More... View our sample pages
To the left are the links that will let you view a selection of pages that make up our calendar web application. These pages are exactly what you would use to maintain the calendar. The only difference is that we have disabled the submit buttons to keep the sample data from being changed.

We have mouse-over help buttons on each page. To see them work for you enable popups for Congregation Builder
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When you sign up for the 30 day trial you will get an account with full capability. If you choose to upgrade from a trial account to a regular account you would retain your user name and all the data that you have entered.  
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church management  church calendar camp software
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