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   Associate a Person to a Camp
There are times when a person emails the camp and says they want to be notified next year when a particular camp is available for signups. Here is where you enter their contact information and associated them as a “friend “ of that camp. They may already be in our database. You can see that here and then just associate them with that camp without entering their contact information. When a camp list is used for marketing they will also get an email.
  One other uses of this page is to add a person so they will display in the camp roster of a camp they attended. (If you do this before sending the roster they will appear in the roster and will get the roster sent to their email address. They will also get an email next year when the camp is ready for signups).
When a person attends a camp, but came as a spouse, partner or friend of the person registering for the camp they will not appear in the camp roster until they get associated with the camp as a camper. This is required because we don’t get contact info for those people. We get it for only the registering person. You may find that the person is already in the database so you just associate them without entering any contact info. Be sure to associate them as a “camper” rather than a “friend” of that camp (“campers” display in the camp roster).
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